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 Artist Biography & Statement

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I discovered silk art and fell completely in love.  Silk painting is the art of applying French permanent dyes with batik wax, resist, salt, and other media to create a one-of-a-kind paintings, women's apparel, and textile designs.  My expertise in silk painting lies in mixing and applying colors with such subtleties that beauty radiates from each piece.  The silk painting process produces a rich luster that cannot be found in any other medium.

My creative development began while studying fashion design at Woodbury College.  Later, I finished my fine art education which included drawing, watercolor, airbrush, Chinese brush painting, lithography, silk screen and print making. Collectively, this led to producing various wall art designs and wearables.  

My work has been in numerous art shows, galleries and museums.  Capturing and creating the unrivaled beauty of silk painting is a constant pursuit where I can use my natural gifts, talents, and passion all in one process.



       Las Laguna Art Gallery online exhibition through March 2022


       Uncommon Threads


       Visions Art Museum online exhibition

       Spanish Village Art Show featuring San Diego Silk Guild


Silk Painters International

San Diego Silk Guild

Silk Artists of Orange County

Surface Art Association

Palos Verdes Art Center

San Pedro Art Association

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